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  • 04-03-2021

    Helpful and professional

    M. Lin from NY | worked with Daniel Mann

    Daniel assisted with my mortgage refinancing. He was professional and responsive. He was very helpful and answered any questions I had. It was a pleasure to do business with him.

  • 03-03-2021

    Excellent service provided...

    aldomiranda from NY | worked with Mario Gonzalez

    Mario offer a super service. Any questions were profesionally addressed and he called regularly to make sure all was as planned. Awesome guy to work with....A++++++++++++++++

  • 03-03-2021

    Eric Benigno - Interstate Mortgage

    JohnHarmon25 from NY | worked with Eric Benigno

    I almost never use or write reviews. Eric proved to be knowledgeable, totally candid, and always quick to respond to all questions. I had to offer a review because of his exceptional character and service.

  • 03-03-2021

    Dan is your man

    ajvolvos from NY | worked with Dan Benigno

    Through it all Dan kept everything calm. A pleasure to work with. I consider him a friend. I can now say .’I know a guy.’ Even if you are not sure , give Dan a call.

  • 03-03-2021


    egarcia51407 from NY | worked with Dan Benigno

    Dan is a true professional at what he does! He made my refinance experience simple and painless. Tells the truth about everything upfront. NO FINE PRINT! Closed within a month start to finish and it took that long because some of the paperwork on my part was delayed. Explained in detail any fees that may apply and was spot on. Highly recommend Dan and his crew. It was a pleasure to work with Dan.

  • 03-03-2021

    Dan Benigno made buying a house easy and understandable!

    Isaac Baskin from NY | worked with Dan Benigno

    Dan Benigno was the best lender my fiancee and I as first-time home buyers could have asked for. He was available at all times and was an invaluable resource. Dan explained every step of the process in detail and answered all of our questions, laying all of our concerns about the process to rest. Dan is an expert who cares and he made buying a home in an intense real estate market possible and not complicated. I would highly recommend Dan to any prospective home buyers.

  • 03-03-2021


    Patrick Cloudman from NY | worked with Dan Benigno

    Dan did a great job with our refinance. I would refer all my family and friends his way. Thanks for the great customer service and quick closing durning a pandemic. We couldn’t have hoped for better service and we would gladly look to Dan in the future if any other home buying or refinance opportunities should present themselves.

  • 02-03-2021

    Dream Home

    Scott Loyer Jr from NY | worked with Dan Benigno

    The whole process was smooth throughout. We were in a unique situation being self-employed. We knew there were limited options for our family, but Dan was able to solve our dream home problem. Dan's team took care of us like family, and we never had our doubts even when the other side tried to pull out of the deal at the last minute! They are trained professionals and we were able to close on time because they had the foresight to get us underwritten (approved by the bank) before we even signed the contract. If you want to work with the highest quality team, that will guide you through the process of purchasing your home, Dan and his team are the ones you call.

  • 02-03-2021

    Great Team

    Jeremy from NY | worked with Mario Gonzalez

    Mario and team allowed my wife and I to have an amazing experience. Often times when dealing with important situations and decisions in life you want to ensure you can count on someone to be professional, consistent and detail oriented. That is exactly that type of experience we’ve had.

  • 24-02-2021

    Great Rate, Great Service, Great Outcome

    mgrahlfs from NY | worked with Dan Benigno

    Overall, from the start of applying for a loan to closing, everything was well orchestrated and quickly completed. Dan did a yeoman’s job spearheading the entire process, getting us a great rate, and always being available when needed. His office associates did a superb job backing him up and managing us (with a few nudges) through the paperwork quickly and unscathed. At the end we had a very pleasant closing experience with the closer taking us through the myriad of papers to sign, explaining everything, and wrapping up in a very reasonable time. Dan and his team made the whole process painless. The entire process was painless thanks to Dan's attention to detail, follow-up, and ability to move things along quickly. We are very pleased with our relationship with Dan and the outcome of our transaction!

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