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  • 15-03-2020

    5 star mortgage broker

    Joanne ikonnikow from NY | worked with Dan Benigno

    Dan is the BEST!! very friendly and professional. Walked me through every step and made the whole process stress free. Was just a phone call and text away day and night. Always there to explain or answer any questions

  • 08-03-2020


    Brianna from NY | worked with Frank Prato

    Frank knows his stuff . Helps you around the clock. He has been in the business for 30 years and he acts like he’s buying the home for himself he so informative and resourceful I would never recommend another Morgage broker over frank!!

  • 02-03-2020


    Chris from NY | worked with Dan Benigno

    Danny recently closed a loan for my cousin who had a lot of hurdles thrown her way throughout the process, but he didn't go anywhere and the loan was at that point that I knew I was going to use him for my own purchase. Danny is a true beast and seasoned veteran in the industry and was always available nights/weekends to answer any questions I had. He explains every step in detail so that I could understand it and is very approachable. The process went so smooth, I felt I didn't have to do anything after submitting my initial paperwork, him and his team are fantastic! I was always kept informed about the status via text/phone/email. I also got such a sweet rate at such a low cost, I now have bragging rights to my family and friends! Thanks Danny for everything! I'll be referring you to everyone I know and will call upon you when I need to purchase again!

  • 28-02-2020


    user940993 from NY | worked with Christopher Morabito

    Chris is one of the best loan officers I have dealt with. And I have dealt with many. He is very patience, knowledge, and understanding. We need more lending officers like him.

  • 27-02-2020

    First Time Home Buyer

    Richie Ortiz from NY | worked with Christopher Morabito

    When you're thinking about purchasing a home for the first time, you ask friends and family about their experience throughout the process and who they have worked with. You get all kinds of crazy stories which, for me, made me nervous about making the wrong decision. A close friend and colleague recommended I give Chris from Interstate a call. She recently purchased a home and told me how Chris is hardworking, friendly, and knowledgeable. She was so happy with her experience with Chris, I felt comfortable enough to reach out. I'm so glad I did!!! I have to say that Chris is literally the coolest dude you're ever going to meet. This guy made the entire mortgage process from start to finish a smooth process. When Chris says "I'm going to get to work" he's not kidding around. He works fast and gets things done!!!! Phone calls, emails, text messages, Chris answers them right away. My wife and I have crazy work schedules and he worked around them with no problems. I cannot thank Chris enough for his hard work and dedication to helping us get the home we fell in love with. Anyone reading this and thinking of who to work with, there should be no hesitation. Call Chris!!!

  • 27-02-2020

    Christopher Morabito

    Magali from NY | worked with Christopher Morabito

    Chris was knowledgable and very patient. The whole process went quickly and smoothly. This is the third closing I have gone through and it was the easiest.

  • 27-02-2020

    Chris is amazing!

    danielle519 from NY | worked with Christopher Morabito

    Chris was super helpful and informative, responded immediately with enthusiasm and was always willing to answer any and every question with ease! A seasoned professional, Chris was a pleasure to work with!

  • 22-02-2020

    I wouldn't refer him to anyone.

    Sabrina Thomas from NY | worked with Gregory Bellezza

    I meet Greg though and agent i was working with and when she introduced me to Greg he said everything that he knew i wanted to hear i was in my home buying process and i already had a property that i was in contact with Greg did my preapproval which i was fine after he did that process Greg HADLEY ever answered his phone,text or messages was like you are on his time not yours he would call when he wanted to call my attorney ALWAYS had to step in and call him to see what was going on he is very lackadaisical i lost the property that i was in contact with it took him 3 months to say he couldn't do it smh was very angry and he knew my kids and i was on a timing and he showed no signs that he cared about my situation but god works in mysterious ways i went with another lender and now i closed on my two family family that took way less time that what Greg did but i would NEVER recommend anyone to Greg.

  • 17-02-2020

    Professionals From Start to Finish

    Victoria Wilson from NY | worked with Dan Benigno

    Interstate’s Dan Benigno and his staff made the loan process painless. They were available, patient and answered any concerns I had in a professional and timely manner.

  • 16-02-2020

    Dan Benigno

    bigh3rm860 from NY | worked with Dan Benigno

    As everyone knows buying a home is one of the biggest and scariest steps someone takes in their life. But having someone like Dan Benigno made something that you thought would difficult so easy. His attention to detail and keeping you informed throughout every step is unparallel. I would definitly recommend Dan's services to everyone especially to any nervous new home buyer.

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