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At IHLC we provide the environment for originators to grow and prosper as never before. Dedicated support and underwriting teams are available at all times.

NMLS Licensed Mortgage Loan Officer – Loan Originator & Team Leaders

Established in 1996, Interstate Home Loan Center Inc. is one of New York’s oldest and most successful local Mortgage Bankers. As a direct lender we make our own decisions. Our service and commitment to quality are legendary. Join us in revolutionizing the mortgage industry in ways never before thought possible.

We are seeking individuals for an NMLS LICENSED MORTGAGE LOAN OFFICER-LOAN ORIGINATOR and TEAM LEADER positions. Candidates should be highly motivated to take advantage of our superior back office support and proprietary lead origination platform. We are looking for applicants who enjoy a competitive team environment, take pride in their work, and who are interested in advancing in an opportunity-based career.

If you think you have what it takes, join our team today! Apply for this exciting opportunity as an NMLS LICENSED MORTGAGE LOAN OFFICER-LOAN ORIGINATOR and TEAM LEADER. This is a competitive position that starts on the ground floor but offers rapid advancement towards a management role. We are looking for a fast paced, high energy, competitive minded professional to cross train in all areas.

At Interstate Home Loan Center, Inc we continue to build quality sales organizations. With tenacity, integrity, and hard work, coupled with the ability to communicate with clients, anyone can succeed. The presence of systems, high standards, and commitment in a structured and engaging work environment will perpetuate unlimited growth potential and opportunity. Only through our diligent efforts do we control our future.

At Interstate we understand that our people are our future; therefore we coach and mentor every individual from the bottom up. We promote only from within our own company and allow employees to grow at their own pace. We teach leadership & management as an action, not a title. This ensures that only the best are managing and representing our well respected name and organization.

Experience gained at this firm is unparalleled due to a specific management training program complete with assigned personal mentors.

The right opportunity at the right time can be the start of a promising career. As a team of professionals, we’re looking for experienced NMLS Licensed Loan Officers and Team Leaders that are the best of the best who are hungry for career growth into management and to be a part of our new expansion. It is our belief that great managers and team leaders know the business they work in from the ground up. This is why we are looking for experienced team members to come train on our system.

Our focus is to help ambitious, self-starting job seekers (like you) realize their professional potential.

If you are interested in gaining “hands-on” experience and believe you are a qualified candidate for the position please email your resume to

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which is commensurate with your experience.

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