Asset Depreciation

Asset Depreciation mortgages do not require the borrower to sell any assets over the course of the loan or pledge any assets as collateral for the mortgage, so your assets are not restricted after closing. They are a great option for self-employed, retired (or almost retired), and wealthy individuals who have relatively minimal income/no verifiable employment but significant assets. Assets can include funds in the bank and investment/retirement accounts so the assumption of risk is offset by the theory that a borrower’s liquid assets could be sold over time to cover the mortgage.

Program Highlights

  • Owner-Occupied for Primary or Secondary/Vacation
  • Eligible Assets Include: *
    1. Checking/ Savings Accounts
    2. Investment Account with stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs
    3. Money Market Account
    4. Certificate of Deposit (CD)
    5. Retirement accounts (401(k) and IRA)

* The eligible amount to be considered will depend the terms and penalties applied for accessing funds in the borrower’s account