12-Month Bank Statements

We will analyze 12 months of personal and/or business accounts to qualify. Here’s how:

Three routes to calculate income:

  • *Option1: Business Bank Statements: 50% of Gross Business Related Deposits
  • Option2: Business Bank Statements: 100% of Gross Business Related Deposits
  • Option3: Business Bank Statements: Net of Deposits minus withdrawals/debits


  • Borrower must be 100% owner of the business for option 1
  • Borrower must be self-employed for 2 years in the current business
  • 47% max DTI
  • Fully Amortized or Interest Only available
  • Supplemental Income Acceptable:
    • W2 Income
    • Pension Income

Asset Income Program

Lets say your borrower has $1,5MM in asses. With other Lenders, that would translate to ~$3K in income per month. With Interstate home loan center, inc that would translate to over 17K/Month in income!

Steps for income Calculation

Take the borrower’s total assets and back out the funds-to-close

Whatever you have remaining in assets, discount those funds by the below:

  • Cash: Use 100%
  • Stock: Use 70%
  • Retirement < 59.9 years old: 60% and retirement >59.5 years old:70%

The above final number has to be above 500K

Take the final number and divide it by 84. That’s your monthly income!

If the above figure is not enough income, ask me about utilizing our MIY factor


  • Asset Income can be added to standard income if tax returns are provided)
  • We require 12 months of bank statements to confirm the assets are seasoned
  • 47% max DTI

1-Year Tax Return Program

Utilize the most recent year of tax returns for qualification. No Extensions

  • Borrower must be self-employed for 2 years in the current business
  • 47% max DTI

The Recap

  • Separate yourself from the competition with IHL Niche Products
  • Increase your income in 2018 with refinance business down, but NonQM UP!
  • Programs:
    • NONQM – Extensive Niche List that gives you the ability to say YES!
    • 12-Month Bank Statements – 3 Options for qualifying with 50% of business deposits as the best option
    • Assets for Income – Simple, aggressive formula of Assets / 84 months, which must be 500K+
    • Expanded Criteria – For the major events borrower
    • 1-Year Tax Returns – Utilize the most recent year of tax returns to qualify

Portfolio Prime(NonQM) – Full Documentation

Your borrower doesn’t meet QM. Your borrower falls outside of the “cookie cutter” lenders. Or perhaps you just need to utilize a niche! IHL has you covered.