Owning builds your personal equity. With rates at historic lows Interstate has programs for all. The many benefits of home ownership await you.

Equity –It’s impossible to create equity in an apartment or any rental property. The only way is to own the property yourself.

Tax Deductible –Rental payments are not tax deductible. As a home owner interest paid on your mortgage payment may be tax deductible.*

Same Payment Year After Year –It’s inevitable that your rent will increase when your lease is renewed. With a fixed-rate mortgage from Interstate, your principle & interest payments will never increase. No Surprises!

Deep Sense of Pride –Apartments will forever be a temporary place to call home. Home ownership provides a true sense of accomplishment and pride.

Numerous Tax Benefits –In addition to interest tax deductions, many may also be eligible to deduct closing costs. There may be additional deductions available and/or special tax credits for home improvements and numerous other incentives only available to home owners..

*Please consult your local tax professional or CPA.